Educating over 1000 children in 10 countries every year!!!


Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

( 2002 - Present)

ETC contributes towards the tuition of more than 400 students in over 35 different schools. The parents of these children migrated to Mumbai after India was partitioned. They lost all their possessions during the migration.

Bhayandar, Maharashtra

Amcha Ghar ( 2004 - Present)

Susheela Singh, a social worker adopted 12 daughters of the female sex workers from Mumbai. She started Amchaghar school to offer them a better way of life, so they would not end up in the same vicious cycle. From 2004 to 2008, ETC contributed towards the school's rent. ETC is currently supporting tuition fees for 20 girls. ETC has also contributed towards the school construction & the purchase of a school bus. The school has expanded and accommodates many children in the fishing community.

Chembur, Mumbai

(2002 - Present)

ETC is supporting 24 students at Sarvodaya School. Sangeeta Shahani, our trustee in India oversees the projects in India. Also in the picture is Annika Advaney, an ETC board member visiting the school.

Ajmer, Central Indi

(2007 - Present)

ETC is supporting 20 girls at Sudhar Sabha School in Ajmer.

K J Khilnani HS - Mumbai

(2006 - Present)

ETC is supporting 15 students at K J Khilnani High School in Mahim.

Ujjain, Central India


ETC contributed towards the construction of two schools operated by the Diocese Of Ujjain. ETC also contributed towards the construction & equipment of the Chemistry Laboratory and acquired a school bus for the Diocese.

Doorstep School, Pune


From 2001-2015, ETC supported the education of over 200 children in Pune by paying for the teachers' salaries. They must go into the slums and set up make-shift class rooms, sometimes only using the floor.

Gandhidam- Kutch - Gujarat


From 2001-2006, ETC contributed towards the reconstruction of three schools in Gandhidam damaged by the earthquake. In 2009, ETC contributed towards the construction of a high school and the science lab.



(2005 - Present)

Since 2005, ETC has been supporting 15 students with tuition fees and lunches at Blessed Hannibal Multi Level School. Dr. Al Bismonte, a Marco Island Rotarian visited the school.


(2006 - Present)

Since 2006, in a joint venture with SAPP (Sponsoring Association of Poor Patients), ETC has been supporting over 240 students with books, uniforms, lab fees & field trips. These children are the descendants of American GIs' and face challenges and prejudices.



From 2008-2016, ETC contributed towards the school fees, books and uniforms for 120 children in Bansay Triang Primary & Poy Som Rong Schools. In addition, ETC provided bicycles for students who lived too far to walk to school.



Fred Murman was the main supporter of the Cambodia project. He is seen here with Sophrath, the project manager.



( 2005 - Present)

ETC has been contributing towards school fees, books and uniforms to Living Hope Orphanage School, managed by Gospel of Life Int’l Ministries. ETC currently supports 60 students. ETC also contributed towards construction of the school and toilets. During 2019-2020, ETC purchased sewing machines for ladies who had completed their schooling, to help them earn a living.


(2006 - Present)

ETC has been contributing towards the tuition fees for 60 students which has currently expanded to 75 children in 2020.



From 2006-2009, ETC contributed towards the tuition fees of 212 students in the village of Gattenzi.


(2011 - Present)

ETC co-operates with Awassa Chicago project to support 40 students for their school fees at an orphanage in Awassa.

USA and Central America


Zion High School, Zion, IL -

( 2012 - Present)

In 2012, ETC initiated a support program to motivate underprivileged students, and to show them that good work and resilience are somehow noticed. At the end of the year, recognitions are given to students that in spite of the setbacks and difficulties encountered in their lives, they manage to do well in school and learn. The program was created by ETC board member, Marianna Zeidler, who is a bilingual tutor at Zion High School. Christine Arason, who is a Math Teacher at that high school, and has been an Educate The Children volunteer since she herself was a high school student, presented the recognitions to twelve successful students in 2019. Over 56% of the students in this high school are below the poverty level.


(2003 - Present)

In 2001, Kathleen Curran, a Chicago attorney, quit her job and went as a missionary to Hogar Sagrado orphanage in Bolivia. Since 2003, ETC has been supporting 70 girls at this orphanage.